To Solita

To Solita On a tree toys, and in hands of children cuckoos.

Useless and useful tips of the old woman Shapoklyak.

To Solita of frogs in coils.

Put a cuckoo to sleep on a pillow.

Throw coils into izba windows.

Put a midge in a bast basket.

Do not litter in an izba.

To Solita of a coral milky cap in the coil.

Treat the old woman with a cheese cake.

Do not ruin frogs!

Protect cuckoos!

Repeat at first useful tips.

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Happens To be engaged with the capable child pleasure even if he is lazy or knows nothing.

But if pleasures no, so are not developed abilities and it is necessary to look for other exits.

Happens that abilities of the person lie in the field of the life which is not covered by school, and then what to do?

Yes it is simple to endure school days, trying that the child not too grew dull from failures.

But under all circumstances we will run business so that the doctrine was care of the child, but not our parental care.

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Listen as it knocks. Open

Listen as it knocks. Open Arrived to the wood, we make the way through a windbreak.

Prosovyvaniye of language between teeth.

Lets prepare a bast basket for mushrooms.

Bending up language tip cup.

The woodpecker knocks on a tree.

In the wood saw a woodpecker.

Listen as it knocks.

Open widely a mouth, lift language for upper teeth, knock with a language tip on bugorochka alveoluses, saying: tttt, ddddd, tdtdtd.

The lower jaw is in a quiet state.

Development pereklyuchayemosti bodies of the articulation device.

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All are dissatisfied

All are dissatisfied As a result in all time of family life as dust, collects irritation.

All are dissatisfied with each other, all are easily irritated, all demand something from each other, and will please nobody.

Pedagogical construction is scattered.

So, we need to be engaged in that Ideal Boy, that Ideal Girl who live in our heads.

If to reeducate somebody, at first their, but not our real children.

It is necessary to create such image of the Child that the image of the Person and the person consistently grew from it.

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The remark, abuse, shout, a belt

The remark, abuse, shout, a belt But means with which we try to achieve the objects, quite are available to the child.

The remark, abuse, shout, a belt that here unclear?

The school of training in means opens on the first minute after the birth.

Education, we will repeat, is a training in means for achievement of the and common goals.

Mother speaks to the son unsuccessful in her opinion: Regret mother!

I cannot with you any more!

Well for the sake of the father with mother!

Really you do not feel sorry for mother?

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